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Archive for January, 2008


Posted By Michael Roby | Thursday, January 24th, 2008

Last week I sent in the last part of my first book to the publisher. The book is written as a basic text on the elements of success necessary to build a financial advisory business. By the way, the last section was tough – the acknowledgments. Frankly, I had viewed this as last minute work; minutia that comes with being an author. Then I began to make a list of those to whom I owe a debt of gratitude. So many people were left off the list, but I tried to focus on those personal relationships that have benefited me professionally, as well as the relationships that were primarily business. However, I have thought of certain people all week that could have been mentioned.

This experience proved to be much more than minutia, but rather a humbling and at the same time inspiring opportunity to reflect on the long list of those who have in some way shaped or guided me in my professional life. This exercise also raised a question. “Have I accomplished enough to warrant the care, concern, and effort of those that helped me on my journey? I was struck by how little I have really accomplished relative to the assistance given and the opportunities afforded to me. This exercise provided an opportunity to reflect in a deep and meaningful way. I choose to take this as an opportunity to redouble my commitment to excellence in all I do.

My challenge to you is simple. Sit down and take some quiet time, and make a list of those you would choose to acknowledge if you were writing your professional autobiography. After you have built the list, take an evening to call or write a short note, and thank them for the difference they have made in your life. In addition, look for ways that you can help them, even in some small way. One last thing – be aware of others that can benefit and be blessed by your participation in their sales efforts. Decide today when you will go through this process. Cannot take time to do this?


Good selling!

Ski, Dine, Have Fun – And Grow Your Business

Posted By Michael Roby | Thursday, January 3rd, 2008

It is New Year’s week, and I am in Biwabik, Minnesota with five of my best friends. We are staying at Giant’s Ridge, a beautiful golf and ski resort in the northern part of the state. The drive up was spectacular – “Winter Wonderland” truly describes Minnesota. The camaraderie was fantastic. A great dinner, laughter, and companionship capped the first day of our three day trip. Today skiing is on the agenda. An amazing result of this wonderful start to the New Year is that our businesses will grow as a result of this trip!

You see, this isn’t just a circle of friends – it is a mastermind group. (Read Think and Grow Rich, by Norman Vincent Peale, for the definitive description of a mastermind group.) All of us are [tag]professional speakers[/tag] and trainers. We meet on a regular basis to share ideas, discuss marketing, and offer honest, candid opinions on different facets of our businesses. We cooperate instead of competing to help each other grow. Make no mistake; we are six very competitive people, but we see each other as standards of excellence as opposed to threats or competitors. As a [tag]sales and marketing strategist[/tag] this group is invaluable to me.

After our arrival at the resort, we took a quick walk around the property. Then we set up flipcharts in one of our suites and each of us built a list of what we would like to work on this week to help build our business in 2008. We prioritized the lists, and shared them with the group, with each of us taking notes of our thoughts on how we can help on another. Today the real work begins, as we tackle how we can achieve these lofty goals and ambitions. After lunch – we ski!

Steel sharpens steel, and professionals know they can learn from the colleagues and associates. Survey your professional relationships to see who may fit into a mastermind group that will benefit each of you in building your businesses. The more you give, the more you will get. You really can “think and grow rich.”

Good selling!