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Archive for September, 2008

Michael Roby named President of National Speakers Association-Minnesota

Posted By Michael Roby | Thursday, September 25th, 2008

National Speakers Association-Minnesota (NSA-MN) has announced that Michael Roby has been elected as president for the 2008-2009 Chapter Year. NSA-MN is the local chapter of the National Speaker Association (NSA), which is headquartered in Tempe, AZ. NSA, which was found in 1973, is the leading organization for [tag]professional speakers[/tag] in the United States. NSA’s vision is to provide growth, learning, support, and connecting opportunities for its members and related professionals. NSA has 40 state and regional chapters throughout the United States. NSA events consist of conferences and conventions. NSA’s thousands of members include experts in a variety of industries and disciplines.

Michael Roby is a nationally known author, [tag]business strategist[/tag], and speaker that helps his audiences get results that are quantifiable and lasting. In over thirty years in the [tag]financial services industry[/tag], he has acquired tremendous results-getting experience that he can eloquently transfer to others. While corporations and audiences know Michael as an authority on sales, marketing, and the distribution of financial services, he is known as one of America’s best [tag]motivational speakers[/tag]. Roby delivers thought-provoking keynotes that leave a lasting, positive impression on his audience. His website, is also home to a leading sales and marketing blog. 

Exceptional Service

Posted By Michael Roby | Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

Yesterday I traveled to [tag]Sioux City[/tag], IA for a meeting at Security National Bank.  The heart of a bank is service, and SNB states that “Since being founded in 1884…the strength of the bank was in their courteous, [tag]service oriented[/tag] employees.” It is one thing to say – and an entirely different proposition to practice.

I arrived to meet with the Bank’s [tag]Trust Officer[/tag]s for a three hour meeting. Parking was in short supply and it was raining, so I parked across the street from SNB.  When I was greeted by Kerry, the receptionist on the sixth floor, I asked her about the best place to park.  What happened next was incredible.  She told me she would take of the parking – by running out and plugging the meter for me!  I protested, as I was a little early for the meeting and would be happy to move the car, but she cheerfully and professionally insisted she would be happy take care of my car.

Many financial institutions have become commoditized, but not SNB.  Do you and your team go to this level to provide exceptional service?  Choose to provide exceptional service, and your business will flourish.

Good selling!

Gate Agents and Financial Advisors

Posted By Michael Roby | Thursday, September 18th, 2008

Remember the last time you were in an airport and the plane was
late or worse yet, cancelled?  It might have even been the last
flight of the day, and not only did passengers have to
reschedule their flight, they faced the possibility of having to
find and fight for hotel rooms. Think back to how the passengers
argued and screamed at the gate agents.

Guess what?  It wasn’t the gate agents’ fault!  They didn’t
break the plane, or cause the weather to be bad, but two hundred
people were in line waiting to take their turn at dumping on
this poor soul who was only trying to help them.

In this market, advisors face great stress as clients call with
worry, or are some cases, panic in their voices.  However,
unlike the airline gate agent you only have to face them one at
a time, and they usually behave better than airline passengers.
No doubt investors suffer greater personal loss than a missed
business meeting or late departure for vacation, and their
concerns are real.

Let’s get some perspective; Don Connelly, an icon in the investment
business once said, “You aren’t General Manager of the
Universe.”  In other words, you don’t control the markets. Our
recommendations must be sound – we must be technically competent
– but in spite of our best efforts, we owe it to our clients to
call them and hold their hands, and get them through this
crisis, for this to shall pass.  If you aggressively reach out
to clients, stand your ground, and help them stay sane when they
need you the most, you will be rewarded in the long run.  In
addition, if you summon the courage to continue prospecting in
these markets, you will get more business, for many of your
competitors ARE NOT calling THEIR clients – your best prospects.

So stand strong in your convictions, take the heat, and grow
your business.  Be glad they don’t line up all at the same time,
and that you have an opportunity that exceeds the gate agents’
ten-fold, and be humbled that your clients need you to save them
from themselves.

Good selling!