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Archive for September, 2009

You can follow me on Twitter…again

Posted By Michael Roby | Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

Often people hear me say that I may be wrong, but I’n NEVER in doubt. Earlier this year, I started to Tweet on Twitter at . After seeing others tweet about what time the got up in the morning, or the weather in wherever-they-are, ot the song on the radio at the present time, I made a corporate decision: NOT FOR ME!

However, a marketing strategist suggested I reconsider that position. She said I SHOULD Tweet, but confine my comments to sales ideas, and philosophies on sales, with an occasional musing on life that supports our roles and activities in selling.

I agreed to reengage. I was wrong. So please consider following me on Twitter@michaelroby. I promise not to drone on about the events of the day that are largely noise. My hope is to offer ideas and insriration that help you become even more important to those you choose to serve.

Good selling!

10 Rules For Reps Who Use Electronic & Social Media

Posted By Michael Roby | Saturday, September 19th, 2009

In case you had not heard, FINRA regulates what financial advisors can and cannot do and say on social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIN, and Twitter. Of course, this relates to business, not your love of Kentucky Basketball and fishing, or whatever else you do for fun. In the true spirit of regulatory agencies, the FINRA web “page” on this topic has…

  • 5 Pages
  • 2,235 Words
  • 12,298 Characters

…not including links, headers, banners, and footnotes.

Some of the highlights include:

  1. Know the rules.
  2. Tell the truth; don’t exaggerate, state past performance, or predict the future.
  3. If you are advertising, get it approved BEFORE you post. Keep copies for three years.
  4. It doesn’t matter if you send email or post from home or a mobile device; it counts.
  5. If you send something or make something available to 25 or more people, it is advertising.
  6. A Chat Room is no different than a seminar.
  7. Make sure you list the name of your firm, and keep your contact information current
  8. Treat electronic communications as you would any other written or verbal contact; DISCLOSE ALL MATERIAL FACTS.
  9. Be careful about linking to other websites; check with your firm before creating links.
  10. Check with your individual firm for guidance regarding state registration issues.

A few comments are in order. Websites and social media are tools, not a religion. They support your business development and client service efforts; they do not replace them. Be reasonable about what you do and say electronically, just as you would face-to-face or hard copy. If you are reasonable and your firm is not, don’t roll over and make your case. In the end YOU are their client, but you must abide by the final decisions of the compliance department.

Electronic and social media can make a huge difference in your client relationship development and marketing. Resources are everywhere on electronic marketing and relationship development. Learn all you can, apply what you learn, and use electronic and social media wisely.

There you have it, in…

  • 1 Page
  • 342 Words
  • 1,716 Characters

Good selling!

(NOTE: As always, know the regulations, as well as your B-D’s rules. Click here to see the FINRA Regulations.


“The Strategist & the Shrink” Speaker Demo

Posted By Michael Roby | Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

The Strategist & The Shrink offer a presentation to remember. Click here to watch a five minute demo video.