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Archive for March, 2011

Do Away With Customer Service

Posted By Michael Roby | Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Customer service is overrated. Clients expect customer service, but they prefer – and need – something that is entirely different than customer service. Providing customer service is a chore and in the end does not result in business growth or profitability. Bad service will cost you business, your clients will tell others and your competitors will love you, but the secret is not to provide customer service, because clients do NOT want customer service.

They want a Client Experience!

  • Client Experience is more than a play on words. Client Experience provides a new paradigm for what happens after the sale:
  • Customer service is about what you DO; Client Experience is about what they GET.
  • Customer service is about how you feel; Client Experience is about how they feel.
  • Customer service is about transactions; Client Experience is about relationships.
  • Customer service means they are “satisfied”; Client Experience means they are apostles.
  • Customers fire you; Clients never will.
  • Customer service is about you; Client Experience is about THEM.

The question is simple:

How would you describe the experience of doing business with you?

More importantly, how would your clients describe the experience of doing business with you? How would you know? Why don’t you just ask them? Send your best clients a letter or email, and ask this question:

“Why do you choose to do business with me?”

Your best customers will tell you exactly what makes you special, and why the relationship works. (If they don’t, you know you need to do some work.) Furthermore, you will see the same phrases pop up repeatedly. If you do not work these phrases into your sales lexicon and collateral sales materials, you will never maximize the value of the brand called you.

For the next thirty days focus on the client experience you create. Involve your best clients and your team. Package and market that experience, and watch your referrals and business grow exponentially.

Good selling!

Eight iPad Uses For Financial Advisors

Posted By Michael Roby | Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Technology helps financial advisors and other financial professionals grow their businesses and provide better client service by working more efficiently and effectively.  The iPad(TM) from Apple helps advisors easily achieve these objectives. The iPad is portable but large enough to read easily (unlike many PDA’s.) Once again Apple hit the bulls-eye in creating a tool that is easy to use and functional. Let’s take a look at eight ways this technology helps professional service providers.

  1. Contacts: Having all of your clients and personal contacts available in one place provides you with personal and professional information at the touch of a finger.
  2. Email: Receiving, composing, and sending email can be cumbersome on a PDA as well. Having access to electronic correspondence is critical in today’s business environment.
  3. Calendar: Access to appointments is critical and with the ability to sync contacts, email, and calendar items you and  your office stay up-to-date.
  4. Point-Of-Sale Presentations: With almost all sales literature available as PDF’s you can load presentations, sales materials, PowerPoint(TM) or Keynote(TM) presentations, and spreadsheets on your iPad and make it easy for you and your client.
  5. Client Reviews: Likewise, loading statements and other review materials on an iPad allow for the easy review of client positions, products, and services. With wi-fi capability, you enjoy the luxury of being able to log on to company websites for additional information.
  6. News: Free “Apps” (short for “application program”, as opposed to a systems program, which connect you to a program or server) as well as paid or subscription apps allow you to read and review a vast amount of current and historical information. Associated Press, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Fox Business, and USAToday are but some of the sources available. In a matter of minutes, readers get an overview of the news from multiple sources.
  7. Research: Endless research tools are available, providing unlimited access to information without carrying a laptop or having to go to a library!
  8. Sketching: Apps like “Penultimate,” “PhatPad”, and “Whiteboard” provide a portable flip-chart. Several apps even convert handwriting from the iPad to text!

The iPad offers limitless possibilities to advisors as they seek to grow sales, enhance service, and work smarter.

Good selling!