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Archive for October, 2012

The Power Of Words

Posted By Michael Roby | Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

This morning while watching the news about Hurricane Sandy on TV, a Weather Channel anchor was describing a view of the storm from the International Space Station. She mentioned the image showed the “impact” of the storm. However, the image, while dramatic, showed NOTHING of the impact of the storm, such as loss of life and property. While the word she chose wasn’t WRONG, A BETTER word might have been “scope” or “size” or “breadth”, as I believe that twas the intent of her comment.

Too often we diminish the power of communication by not using the best word choices. If you are selling, you are playing the a game dependent upon the law of large numbers. To maximize your effectiveness you must choose  and use the right words the right way!

Ten Suggestions For Clear And Persuasive Communication

  1. Chose the right word. Pay attention to your vocabulary. Author Rudyard Kipling characterized words as “the most powerful drug used by mankind.”
  2. Use common language; lose the industry jargon and acronyms.
  3. Use the word “You” more than you use the word “I”.
  4. Use words and terms the other person uses often in everyday conversation.
  5. Have others review or edit your written communications.
  6. Be clear and direct.
  7. Don’t be too formal or too wordy.
  8. Use “Persuasive Words” when selling.
  9. Be respectful with your language.
  10. Use paraphrasing and feedback loops.

Work Hard & Have Fun!™

The “Keywords” suggested in the Kolbe Wisdom are NOT a minor point to be mentioned casually. Words have meaning, and the words that are instinctive to the Kolbe Action Modes are critical in understanding the Modes and the various MO’s. In addition, when we speak in our instinctive, conative voice, our communications and outcome improve.
Our “choice” of words can certainly be said to be affective, and we communicate best when we speak instinctively. However, I suggest by CHOOSING to consider word choice, we FOCUS upon communicating and acting in our instinctive best voices.
How do other KCC’s use Conative Keywords in explaining and applying Kolbe Wisdom to and for the benefit of those we serve? Your thoughts?

Square Pegs, Round Holes

Posted By Michael Roby | Monday, October 29th, 2012

One fault many financial advisors (and their management) have is that they believe others should be just like them. If that were the case, either they, or their team members would not be necessary. There is only one Ben Feldman Joe Gandolfo, Gary Kinder, Jack Walsh, or Gerry Morris.  if you attempt to be them, you will end up looking like a fool; be yourself!

Your gifts talents show up more in your differences from others than in your similarities. Stop comparing yourself to others, I don’t care how successful they may be; you have gifts differing from those given to others. Beware of those who attempt to pour you into their mold, because that’s the only way they can measure, or control you. Conversely, those who deserve a place in your life and your business will never be threatened by your strengths, or your uniqueness.

Look at an orchestra. If you only have trumpet players, you only have a brass section, not an orchestra. I love the strings, but no matter how sweet a violin sounds, it takes more than violins. You need many types of instruments to create the beautiful sound of a symphony!  All the members are talented musician, but they play their own instrument different instruments and they do it their way.

So how do you truly come to know who you are as an advisor? What is YOUR way of presenting to and advising your clients? Three different attributes make up the unique genius of YOU:

  • What You Know
  • Your Feelings, Beliefs, And Motivations
  • What You Instinctively Do When Striving To Reach Goals

You can improve, modify, and develop the first two. You are BORN with the third, and it never changes!

Need an objective opinion on what makes YOU special as an advisor? Call me. Let’s talk about it.

Work Hard & Have Fun!™

“I Trust You.”

Posted By Michael Roby | Thursday, October 25th, 2012

Referrals make your business so much easier, profitable, and fun. Yesterday at 6:20 PM I received an email  from a coaching client, which read as follows:

“Just picked up a $1 million account and it was a referral from a client.”

I had to know more! Later we caught up on the phone. Did the referral come from an “A” Client? No! But the client referred the advisor to her mother, and the result was a one call, $1 million account! The advisor asked the client WHY she made the referral. The answer was simple:

“I trust you.”

In David Horsager’s book, The Trust Edge, (Simon & Schuster, 2012) Dave says:

“The trusted sales person is bought from. For the trusted brand people will pay more, come back, and tell others. In the Twenty-First Century, trust has become the world’s most precious resource.”

Who trusts you with their money? Call them. Ask them who they know who is looking for someone like you who can be trusted. The call could be worth a $1 Million!

Work Hard & Have Fun™