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Archive for April, 2013

Do You Have An “I Love Me” Wall?

Posted By Michael Roby | Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

Walked into a new sales coaching client’s office today, and you would have thought it was a shrine to her greatness. i love me love indy AWARDShe had award plaques that boomed out to the world how wonderful she is. Several of these awards were for:

  • “Sales Leader Of The Year”
  • “Top Producer”
  • “#1 Regional Production Leader”
  • “$3 Million Club”
  • “Gold Producers Club”

What does that tell your client? Is it about you or is it about them?

Consider displaying your licenses, designations, and pictures of your family, your hobbies, your passions. Make yourself real. Remember, people don’t want to do business with you because you are a sales leader. They do business with you because you take care of them.

Work Hard & Have Fun!™

Get Out The Fine China! A Client Is Coming!

Posted By Michael Roby | Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

Do you ever have clients in for breakfast, lunch, or dinner meetings? When clients arrive, does your team offer coffee or other beverages, along with a snack? In the case of evening appointments, do you also occasionally offer  a glass of wine or other adult beverage?

If the answer to any of these questions is “Yes” ask yourself this question:

“What impression does it make when you serve these in Styrofoam cups, on paper plates, or on a paper towel?”

Last week I heard a presentation by two successful advisors who ordered china, glasses, and wine glasses with their logo.il_570xN.429349888_n5p9 This isn’t plastic or paper. We are talking china (or at the very lease, fine pottery place-settings, coffee cups, drinking glasses, and crystal wine glasses.  These advisors treat their clients like guests or best friends!

Show some class. Let the quality of your services be reflected in how you treat your clients when they visit your office.

Work Hard And Have Fun!™

The Aftermath Of The Boston Marathon Bombing

Posted By Michael Roby | Monday, April 22nd, 2013

One week ago American History changed forever. In a terrorist attack by enemies of our Republic, three lives were lost. Later in the week, two first responders would die as well. We have seen their faces and heard some of their stories. We grieve for those people and their family and friends.

In addition, around 200 other people were injured in the explosions on Boylston Street. We saw some of their faces and heard some of their names. I want to show you a face and give you a name. And I want you to know a little of her story.

Michelle beforeMichelle L’Heureux was seriously injured on that day. In the picture with the signs, she is on the left. What a smile! Michelle always seems to be smiling. It is her nature. A short time after that picture was taken, two bombs exploded, changing her life and ours forever.

That same day, after she was taken to the hospital, she was texting, emailing, and posting to her friends, reassuring them she would be OK. Comforting them. Showing gratitude for the well-wishes. Asking for prayers. SHE comforted US with her attitude and hope for the future.

Michelle afterShe posted the second picture today, which was taken in her hospital room. Once again, she is still smiling. And that smile will be part of the legacy of the cowardly terrorist bombing at the Boston Marathon! The people of Boston came together last week in a way that was so reminiscent of the events of the late 1700’s. They sang the “Star Spangled Banner” as one at a Bruins’ game. They went to Fenway Park to see the Sawk’s and sang “Sweet Caroline.”

The people of Boston and America will move forward. Not without remembering the pain and loss of last week, but hopeful for the future of our great nation, and with a heightened resolve to preserve the heritage of freedom and opportunity that is the root of America.

Thanks for the smile, Michelle. You humble me. You remind me that today is a day worth living. My newest hero. Boston Strong. American Proud.

CLICK HERE if you are interested in helping Michelle recover. She has a long road ahead.