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Archive for the ‘Sales Management’ Category

Effective Meetings: Guidelines to Make Them Happen

Posted By Michael Roby | Thursday, January 11th, 2018

All of us have experienced “Death by Meeting.” We drift off point our off topic. Discussions get dragged out beyond being productive. Idle chit-char breaks out, or several conversations go on simultaneously. Sometimes we wonder why we are even having a meeting! When a meeting is well planned and executed, real progress occurs. Consider these tips to make your meetings more effective.


The Organization’s Objectives provide a “charter” for all meetings. All meeting support and facilitate fulfillment of the organizations mission, value, and purpose.

Determine the Purpose of the Meeting

What outcomes must be achieved in order for the meeting to be a success? Establish and review ground rules. Which objectives are being discussed? Sometime goals, objectives, projects, and tasks are not “fun,” and participant need to understand this fact.

Use an Agenda

Ask key participants for input, but challenges discussed must include potential solutions or a plan to find solutions. Make certain the agenda items can be accomplished within the meeting time and framework.


Start on Time

It shows respect to all in attendees.

Follow the published Agenda

This shows commitment to the meeting purpose.

Define Desired Outcomes

Seek full agreement on outcomes whenever possible. However, Leadership gets 51% of the vote.


Summarize decisions, assign action Items, Schedule Follow-up, and insist leaders and participants have a “Can-Do” Attitude. Remember, you own the meeting, and objectives, timelines, and outcomes are your responsibility. Empower others. encourage participation, and relax; it’s not “The State of the Union.”

Finish on Time

Once again, this shows respect and furthers a sense of professional courtesy.

Successful meetings harness the synergy of team members. Make your meetings purposeful and dynamic to harness the unique skills and talents of your team.


Sales Managers: To Push or Not To Push

Posted By Michael Roby | Wednesday, January 10th, 2018
Sales managers sometime hesitate to push their teams because…THEY DON’T WANT TO BE PUSHY! Sometimes salespeople do not need to be pushed, but many time we don’t have high enough expectations. people underachieve because we allow it or, worse yet, expect it.
Read this if YOU are a sales manager who doesn’t want to set high expectations / push too hard.