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Archive for the ‘Uncategorized’ Category

Why I Don’t Link/Connect/Friend Everyone

Posted By Michael Roby | Friday, March 6th, 2015

connection 150x150 Why I Don’t Link/Connect/Friend EveryoneIn today’s world relationships and connections become challenging. We are all so busy. We find it difficult to pick up the phone or meet people for coffee or lunch. In the past we wrote to people…on PAPER. Then in 1993 an idea became reality, and it changed our world forever: Email!

Electronic Mail made it EASY to reach out to others, and as you built your email address list, you could send the same message to many people at the same time!

May 2003 saw the birth of LinkedIn, and in February 2004, Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook. These social media sites now serve hundreds of millions of members. Now we had the power – and I mean power – to connect, link, and friend people we knew. People took the next logical step.

Connect With EVERYBODY!

This strategy can be counterproductive at best and creepy at worst.

Facebook started out as family and friends. You shared news and pictures. We were told to NOT connect with everyone. LinkedIn is different. While LinkedIn is all about business networking, it was more information and professional connection driven. Different people share different – and often valid – opinions regarding connection. A common thought is you should connect with EVERYONE.

Some people have a tactical connection strategy, in particular those who mass-market. For me, I choose to not connect with everyone, unless we have some prior connection or relationship, or common interests. I choose to be more strategic in my networking strategy. Here’s the good news about connection:

You don’t have to connect with everyone if you use a Strategic Referral Relationship System™.

By building organically through referrals, you build a business that is built for exponential growth, and is perfect for networking. It calls for a slightly tighter focus. But by being INTERESTED in others and meeting their needs, your network will grow. It cannot help but do so. When you DO connect, do your best to have a PERSONAL exchange with that person to see how you might learn more about them and provide value.

By all means, always feel free to send a connection request, but don’t feel slighted if I want to know a little more! I just want to know if I can provide some value to YOU by connecting, and not just have another name in the database. In addition, PLEASE reach out if you believe I can help you in any way!

Work Hard & Have Fun!™

Choosing To Be Professional

Posted By Michael Roby | Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

A couple weeks ago I grabbed my iPhone and took a picture. It was from a segment on ESPN on the National Football League (NFL). The two people on the right played professional football. The gentleman in the middle is Mark Schlereth, but his friends call him “Stink.” During his playing career, Schlereth endured 29 surgeries. Twenty of those surgeries were performed on his knees. The man on the right is Tedy Bruschi, who came back to play after having to sit out a year as a result of suffering a paralyzing stroke. Big, strong men who played a violent game. Men who sweat and bled making a living while entertaining others. Men who (legally) assaulted and at times hurt other men playing a children’s’ game, and today make a living talking about that game.

There is something that is “funny” about the picture, in fact almost comical. Something seems to be amiss. Not quite right.


They are wearing suits and ties.

These big, strong men who love and played a violent game and get paid to talk about that game are dressed professionally on a sports television show. Do you really need to wear business attire to talk about sports?

The answer is, of course, NO! However, ESPN’s revenues are growing at 9 percent a year, with a projected $8.2 billion in revenue in 2012, according to research firm SNL Kagan… talking about sports! One of the reasons for the success of the network is they strive for professionalism in all they do, down to the attire of their studio personalities and reporters. Businesses grow when run professionally!

A professional is a person who is paid to undertake a specialized set of tasks requiring specific knowledge and training, and to complete them for a fee. Professionals exude quality in all they do and all they produce. They maintain high standards for conduct, appearance, and production. Professionals treat people with respect. They maintain their personal and professional integrity at all times and expect the same from colleagues and associates.

If a guy called “Stink” can be a pro when reporting upon and analyzing a gladiator sport, so can we. Our business will be the better for it.

Work Hard & Have Fun!™

Be Thankful! Five Reasons Why Americans Should Celebrate

Posted By Michael Roby | Monday, November 19th, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012 finds many Americans out of hope, out of work. out of money, and out of dreams. We face many daunting challenges as individuals and as a nation. Selection 002 Be Thankful! Five Reasons Why Americans Should CelebrateWhy should we be thankful with the looming specter of a Fiscal Cliff, a National Debt increasing without adding infrastructure, free enterprise being attacked as the problem, and not the solution, and a sense of resignation that hard times are the new normal?

  1. What happened on November 6, 2012 was an American Election, and not a military coup. We don’t have rioting or missiles overhead. We have natural disasters and still find the means to help others. Americans are still the most generous, compassionate people in the world. Our roots are sown in the seeds of tyranny and oppression and we won’t go back. Be a part of the American Solution, not part of the problem.
  2. The United States has resources and people to work and some of the best minds in the world. This is still the richest country in the history of mankind. We have natural resources, energy, cropland, technology, infrastructure, and the brains to make it happen. We can’t keep people from crossing the borders legally or illegally because we offer a better life and opportunity.
  3. You have a public platform to be seen and lead. A financial advisor in Illinois chooses a unique route to affecting change. He’s not ranting about the election or spewing hate. Instead of saying what he is “against”, he is showing what he is “for.” He is conducting seminars on becoming an entrepreneur. Creating your own job, not a position with another company or the government. Choose leadership over whining.
  4. People have financial problems, and you have financial solutions. Today people and businesses need you more than ever. Don’t try to be a sage. Advise using time-tested principles that always work. Your clients don’t need an order-taker; they need financial leadership.
  5. In the United Sates, we have a President with a two-term limit, not a monarchy or dictatorship. Small American Businesses may be getting the message that they can’t sit on the sidelines any longer. Get over worrying about “What will people think?” and take a stand for what is right. Have the courage. Get involved. Stand your ground. Serve others. Create jobs. You DO have the ability to affect change. And as always…

Work Hard And Have Fun!™